Getting Started – How to accept bitcoin

You’re on your way to accept bitcoin for your online or real world store! Before you continue, familiarize yourself with the CoinPip Back office first. There are 2 ways you can start accepting bitcoin payments. Option A: Accepting bitcoins at a storefront Pre-requisite: You must have an Android device Go to Google Play Type “CoinPip Merchant” […]

Setup Online Bitcoin Payments

Pre-requisite: Please make sure you have completed the setup of API keys. Going through the Sample Under “Add new API”, click on “Learn from this sample…“ You will see a new window (below). Right click on the “Pay with Bitcoin” picture and “Save As”. This will be the button that customer will press to pay […]

Setup API Keys for Online Bitcoin Payments

Pre-requisite: If you have not signed up for an account, please click here and follow the instructions. 1. Log into your account and navigate to Profile -> POS Terminals/API 2.  Click the “APIs” tab 3. You will see 5 text boxes: Label, Success URL, Callback URL & Notification Email, Confirmations Label : Name you give to identify the API. Give […]

How to setup callback

Please make sure you have created an api. If you haven’t done so, please read the post here. This document is for AES decryption. The codes demonstrated below is for PHP. 1. Download any slowAES library that can help you encrypt our data. We are using the AES library provided by Laurent Hant. Please download […]

Setup CoinPip Point of Sale Terminal

The CoinPip Point of Sale (“POS”) App is perfect for retail services such as restaurants, shops and hostels to accept bitcoin. CoinPip POS allows for multi terminals i.e. multi android devices to be paired with one account. Pre-requisite: You have already downloaded the app from Google Play. If not please click here to see instructions. 1. […]

How to use CoinPip Point of Sale App

There are 3 things you can do within the app. You can: Request a bitcoin payment from the customer - “Sell” Review your bitcoin transactions. Simply click on “Transactions” Make a refund in bitcoin - “Refund”

What is ‘Sell’?

‘Sell’ is the function to request payments from the customer. How does it work? Click ‘Sell’ Select how you want to charge your customer (either in BTC or your local currency) Type in amount Type in reference (only if you need a reference recorded for this transaction) Type in customer phone number or email (only if […]

How do you make a Refund?

There are 2 ways. Option A: Search through your transactions Click on Transactions Find the transaction you want to refund, and press on it. You should see “Transaction details” Select “Refund by SGD” or “Refund by BTC” Enter your 6 digit pin code Click “Make refund” Option B: Type in invoice number Click “Transaction” and […]

How to enable bitcoin to local currency instant conversion

Note: At the moment, this function is only available for Singapore and Hong Kong merchants. Go to and log into your merchant account Scroll to ‘Profile’ and click on ‘Bank Accounts’ in the drop down menu Add the relevant details of your bank and bank account Click on ‘Add Bank Account’ After you successfully […]