There are many articles out there that explains to you how to buy bitcoin. Re-inventing the wheel is not CoinPip’s expertise, so we will list out articles out there that explains this well.

  1. Coindesk – How can I Buy Bitcoins
  2. Coinbase – How to buy bitcoin (This article describes how to buy bitcoin via Coinbase itself)
  3. – How to buy bitcoins (Select the country you want to buy bitcoins from)

However, the cryptospace is evolving very quickly and the ways listed in the above websites (and even in this website for that matter), will be obselete very soon. Many startups are coming up with new ways such as our sister company 8pip distributes bitcoin prepaid cards at the website And some companies are working on airtime-to-bitcoin exchanges, that is, working with telcos to exchange prepaid or postpaid card airtime for bitcoins. With the bitcoins in the phone, you can then spend it at bitcoin merchants.